Mission & Vision Statement

What ShrinKit Is Accomplishing Now, & Where ShrinKit Strives To Be In The Future.



Mission Statement:

ShrinKit Ltd is an integrated design and manufacturing company, specializing in the development and production of hand held gas shrink guns, for the shrink wrapping and encapsulation market.

Established in 1980 ShrinKit Ltd quickly secured itself as a leading producer of a high quality and reliable shrink gun system, which is offered at an economical price, allowing our customers competitive advantage in the market.

Our mission is to build on our long company history, of product affordability and excellence, synchronised with delivering our exceptional customer service, knowledge and support to our worldwide customers.


Vision Statement:

Our Vision is to be the company that best understands, fulfils the needs, and satisfies our customers in terms of consumer value, customer service, and consistent and predictable growth.

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