Conformity To CE Marking

Our Shrink Gun Conforms to these Essential Requirements

Over the past few months we have been working alongside WLP who have been assisting us to establish that our Shrink Gun meets all the necessary regulations.

It is a legal requirement that many gas appliances offered for sale conform to the Gas Appliances (Safety) Regulations 1995 (which come from the European Gas Appliances Directive).

These are generally appliances that are used for heating, cooking or lighting. They have to be independently certified by ‘Notified Bodies’ and have to carry the CE mark to show that they conform to the regulations. 

We take the safety and performance of our products very seriously. Gas heat shrink guns are excluded from EU Gas Appliances Directive 90/396/EEC and the Gas Appliances (Safety) Regulations 1995. The Directive and Regulations exclude appliances designed specifically for use in industrial processes carried out on industrial premises.

Nevertheless our products are designed and manufactured to the highest standard and conform to the Essential Requirements of these Regulations and other European and applicable Standards. Supplied fittings are sourced as manufactured to applicable EN Standards. A detailed Technical File is available upon request. 

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