Large Cover Netherlands

All At Sea On It's 12,500 Mile Journey

In December 2015, one of our customers we supply our shrink gun systems to were contacted by an offshore oil & gas manufacturer in The Netherlands. They were looking for a large custom transport cover for a huge piece of equipment, to protect it during a 12,500 nautical mile journey from Rotterdam in The Netherlands to Okpo in South Korea. At 19m (62′) long x 17m (56′) wide x 20m (66′) high, the module was too large to be completely enclosed within the hold of any transport ship and so for around 52 days at sea it would be exposed to the elements as it passed down through the North Atlantic and across the Indian Ocean.

The Shrink wrap encapsulation was a concept which was demonstrated to the customer by travelling to Rotterdam in January 2016 and shrink wrapping a scaffold tower. Following this test, our customers were awarded the contract to provide the materials, equipment and labour to completely encapsulate the module on site in The Netherlands in March 2016.

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